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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Casserole Dish

We are going to have an enrichment meeting focused around the casserole dish!

First we will etch our names into our dishes...no more tape or markers on the bottom of OUR pans!


Contact paper
Craft knife
Etching Cream
Glass cleaner
Graphite paper
Stylus or pencil
Paper towel
Old paint brush

1.Create a design you want. I typed our last name in the font and font size I wanted on my computer and printed it out. I also used little clip art pictures around our name.

2. Cut a piece of contact paper at least 1″ bigger around the edges than your design. Place the contact paper on your dish where you want the design.

3. Place your printed design over the contact paper where you want it and place the graphite paper between your design and the contact paper and trace around the letters or design using a stylus or pencil. (If your contact paper is on the outside on the bottom of your dish you will want to transfer your name backwards, so when you are looking at it from the inside its not backwards. That is how I did mine.)

4. Using a craft knife cut the contact paper on the lines you traced. Once you are done remove the contact paper where you want it etched, leaving the rest on.

5. Make sure all the edges where you cut are down really good, then spray glass cleaner on a paper towel and gently clean the surface of your dish where you will be etching.

6. Put your gloves on and shake the etching cream bottle good. Using an old paint brush put the etching cream on generously where you want to etch. Let it sit for a minute, Then I take the etching cream off with my brush and put it back in the bottle, so it lasts longer.

7. Then under warm rinse the rest of the cream off and then take the contact paper off and you have your wonderful design!

THEN, we will have recipes for a breakfast dish, lunch dish, and dinner dish.

We will end with casserole sampling. The sisters in our ward signed up to bring their favorite casseroles to share. We are providing the punch and cookies.

****If you know someone who does vinyl lettering, they can make a stencil of everyone's last name! I'd of course offer to pay them, but it shouldn't be that expensive per name. I'm sure that the sisters probably wouldn't mind paying a dollar or so, for their name either. Anyway, if you find someone who does vinyl lettering, just have the print out the name in a mirror image. It works fantastic and it's so EASY! You just stick it on, then put the cream on top, clean it, and peel it off. It's beautiful!