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Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Birthday Activity

We had a great RS Birthday Celebration Activity the other night. We met, had dinner, and of course, birthday cake. We also learned about the history of the Relief Society. What I thought was really neat though, is that they went one more step farther. We learned even more!

They asked a lot of different sisters to do research and present on not only the RS history, but also the history of other great organizations that were either started by the RS OR great Relief Society sisters.. Such as:

The Young Women's Organization
The Primary Organization
LDS Social Services
The Humanitarian Program
The First Hospital in Utah - And the first RN who was sent on a "mission" back east to become educated
The Grainery Program

It was really, really neat.

More Birthday Ideas

Submitted by: Rhonda G - Massachusetts

To celebrate the Relief Society Birthday each of the sisters will be bringing a decorated birthday cake to share for dessert time. We will be slicing up the left-overs and taking them home to our families. We will also be doing a power point presentation of the history of the Relief Society through-out the years. It will be set to music, Sisters In Zion, etc.