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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FHE Group

We started a FHE group and I wish our ward didn't split before we really did anything for it. You get a group together and then say there are 8 people (if you get a ton of people you could break into 2 groups) in your group. Each month, each person plans a FHE lesson with a game/activity and treat recipe. They then make copies of lessons and any other supplies that go along with the lesson and they make 8 packets with that lesson. Once a month you meet and pass your lesson to eveyone and then you will get 7 other lesson packets to go along with yours. When family night comes around, pull out a packet and you are good to go. You can get together before and decide how elaborate you want things, you can decide that all games and other things be laminated or maybe just require they are on cardstock. Just make some clear guidelines so somepeople don't go to tons of work and money and then not get that in return.

- Celeste H.

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