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Thursday, November 20, 2008

RS Birthday Celebration with a Progressive Dinner

Progressive Birthday Celebration
Bountiful 58th Ward

For our Relief Society Birthday party we had a progressive dinner in the church. We had three different sections set up for food.

The first was salad. In this area sisters sat at tables according to the month they were born in. Some tables had a couple of months.

The second was the main dish. In this room the sisters sat at tables with their birth year on it. Each table had random years on it (about 9 different years). Then towards the end of the meal we had a concentration game with questions about Relief Society.

The third room was the dessert. We had the sisters bring a baby picture of themselves and collected the pictures at the beginning of the evening. We numbered each one and taped them on the wall of the third room. Then while the sisters ate their dessert (cookies, brownies) they tried to guess who the picture was of and write it down. Then when everyone was finished guessing we went around and had people guess then tell the correct person.

The sisters loved sitting with new people at each place and getting to know more people. They also loved seeing each other as babies or young children and there were lots of laughs.

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