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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Relief Society Birthday Ideas

This is a WONDERFUL program! You can put it on yourself.. ward or stake level. Jenny Phillips has written many firesides and has made it possible with minus tracks, and narrations, for anyone to perform these firesides.

She has a script, music, and a story specifically for the RS birthday. If you are interested go to:

Click on Free Downloads
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Click on the tab labled, Leaders
At the top you will see the story, "Parable of the Princesses" and a link that will take you to a pdf file for the RS Birthday script. You can email me with any questions. reliefsociety58@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ideas! I appreciate it and hope we can come up with some good activities from your tips! AZ_RS

Envelope Printing said...

This will be a great venue to talk about ideas, plans, activities, and just about everything else. A great way to keep everyone updated and in touch. Thanks!

Joanne Brown said...

Thanks for the link! Lots of great stuff on there. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

To celebrate the Relief Society Birthday each of the sisters will be bringing a decorated birthday cake to share for dessert time. We will be slicing up the left-overs and taking them home to our families. We will also be doing a power point presentation of the history of the Relief Society through-out the years. It will be set to music, Sisters In Zion, etc.

Rhonda L. Giossi
Relief Society President
Southcoast Ward
Hingham Stake