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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Learn about your Town/State History

One ward in our stake took tours of museums and other places of interest to learn more about the town's history. They said that they had such a neat time learning about the place that they lived and things that they had never known.


Diane Norman said...

I am loving your video. Is is possible for you to post it on youtube or email it. I would love to use it in an enrichment. My email is diannorm@juno.com. Please let me know if you can mail it or if you post it what it is called. Thanks

Natalie Sue said...

Hi! I'm so happy to hear that you like my video. I'd love it if you could also use it. However, it is too big for my email, but if you have access to the internet during your activity, you can hook your computer up to a projector or a TV. Then you click on that bottom icon - four arrows in a square and it puts it into full-screen mode. You can show it right here from this web page. Just like you would with a You Tube video. OR, I could even mail you a DVD if you'd like. Just email your address to reliefsociety58@gmail.com. Thanks so much! Good luck!