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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Choices in Childbirth

Our next activity is a class entitled "Choices in Childbirth." I am actually teaching it, since educating women is my passion as a Doula.
A lot of women do not realize all of the options they have when in labor. We are taught one basic routine which includes, go to the hosptial, get hooked up to machines, and get an epidural as soon as possible. When these things don't work as planned, then it can be a scary experience.
This class will inform women about the safety of birthing when low risk, the choices and options they have for comfort and medication, resources to find more information, and the fact that education equals power. When you don't know your options, then you don't have any. The more you know, the more you'll be in control, and the better satisfied you will be with your birthing experience.
The outline is as follows:

Choices for Childbirth Outline:

Options for Birthing
a- Hospital
b- Birth Center
c- Home Birth

How to choose a care provider
b- Midwives
c- Questions to ask

Choice for Birth Preparation
a- Lamaze
b- Hypnobirthing
c- Bradley
d- Birthing from Within
e- Hypnobabies
f- Doulas
g- Monitrices

Reference list
a- Hospitals, OB/GYN, CNM
b- Midwives
c- Birth Centers
d- Doulas
e- Childbirth Classes
f- Lactation Consultants
g- Birth plan sample (benefits of having a birth preferences)

With these videos:

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