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Monday, March 15, 2010

More Birthday Ideas

Submitted by: Rhonda G - Massachusetts

To celebrate the Relief Society Birthday each of the sisters will be bringing a decorated birthday cake to share for dessert time. We will be slicing up the left-overs and taking them home to our families. We will also be doing a power point presentation of the history of the Relief Society through-out the years. It will be set to music, Sisters In Zion, etc.


jlarnett said...

Just starting to plan our birthday party for April.I would love to learn more about your power point...Are you willing to share with Mesa AZ? If so, please email me at...


Thanks so much!

Diane said...

I'm new at being a RS President and would love to have a copy of your presentation if possible. My email address is dgblack311@gmail.com. I love in Lapeer, Michigan. Thanks very much!

Aubrey and Chris said...

Im the 2nd coucelor in our relief society, I would love to have a copy of the powerpoint presentation. We are just starting to plan our birthday celebration for March. This would be very helpful. aubrey.fife@gmail.com I live in Key West Florida

Natalie Sue said...

Hi Aubrey, as the creator of the blog, I don't have the powerpoint, but if Rhonda the submitter of this idea, looks at this, hopefully she can help you. This idea was submitted by her. Sorry I can't help you more!

Unknown said...

I also would love a copy of your PowerPoint presentation if that is possible. If that is possible please email me at..


We are having our celebration this week and I just came across this blog. Would love to have it. Sounds very interesting...

Sandy P
Chandler, AZ