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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Relief Society Birthday Celebration Ideas

Here are some links that have great ideas for your upcoming "Birthday Celebration" activity...

Here is a commemoration video that was posted on lds.org to commemorate the Relief Society. You could use this presentation as part of your meeting for the Birthday Celebration:



Alissa said...

I went to LDS Living Magazines web site earlier today to find ideas. I'm one step ahead of ya ;P
We had a meeting this morning to plan our activity. We're going to do the "worldwide sisterhood" theme.

Natalie Sue said...

I loved that theme! We are going to do a mother/daughter activity in May and we will be doing this activity. How fun!

Bethe said...

How can I download this video to use it at our Enrichment meeting? I can't seem to locate it on lds.org?

Natalie Sue said...

Hi Bethe,
If you go to that link: http://lds.org/pa/rs/home/rsvideo.html?xml=rsvideo_8911.xml
put your cursor over the video.
On the bottom, towards the right, there is a little folder that says download. Click on that and you should be shown how to download to your computer. I hope that helps.

Bethe said...

That worked great - thank you so very much!